Talent. Tenacity. Total Dedication To Your Rights.

Meet Your Defender

When you are facing a formidable opponent such as the city prosecutor, district attorney’s office, or Department of Justice, you need an attorney who can aggressively advocate for your rights. That is exactly what I do. With my keen grasp of the legal system, I know exactly how to fight back against the people who will take away your freedom and your resources.

No one should have to fight a legal battle alone. My name is Jonathan C. McCardle, and I will give you a detailed explanation of your rights in a given situation and what I will do to defend them. With a track record of success in Fairhope and all along the coast of Alabama, I look forward to putting my skills to work for you as well.

Get An Aggressive Defense

I defend clients across a variety of legal areas. These include:

  • Drunk driving defense: Being charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can jeopardize your job, your finances and even your freedom. I defend local residents as well as tourists and others who are facing charges while traveling in Alabama.
  • Suspended driver’s licenses: With the right legal approach, you can get your license back.
  • Criminal defense: I handle drug charges, such as trafficking and manufacture. I also defends clients against violent misdemeanors and felonies.
  • Personal injury: Insurance companies never want to pay what they owe you after a serious injury. An aggressive legal advocate can make them treat you fairly.

I will be a relentless legal advocate for you, both inside and outside the courtroom. I knows how to get results, and I will not rest until I do.

An Advocate For Students

I frequently assist college and university students whose parents may live out of state. When the whole family is involved, I am an effective local representative who can coordinate legal strategy.

Do NOT Wait

Your future is hanging in the balance, and you need a lawyer who can craft a personalized defense that withstands the legal onslaught that is about to come. I am that lawyer. I can help you and offer free initial consultations.

To discuss your situation and your legal goals, please contact me through the online form or by phone: 251-299-8772.